Monday, March 30, 2009


Hello SMALL members...i'd like to give some news from CAR. As we all know this association gathers together small, independant creative ventures that are not fixed in time or space.

Here is a good example of how CAR moves...when i started this thing i wanted CAR to move and go places and it's exactly what is happening ! First year i went from Town Hall to basement of a hidden B&B to basement of an multicutural art association...then 2nd year i went in the basement of the Beach House...then 3rd year i was granted a wonderful classroom from a 1950's school but...last week was told to move my jewelry exhibit somewhere else because they are undergoing, mind you, Rawdon is not the type of town that overflows with CAR Parking Spaces but I did find one...on the terrasse of the restaurant LA on the main street...they have a huge terrasse that can be covered in case the weather doesn't co-operate and a heating system...and loads of CAR will park its last exhibit of the 2008-2009 season outside and in front of everyone.

The ride continues !