Friday, September 11, 2009

MAIL ART exhibit at LANTERNA PATIO shifted to 20thSept

Howdy MAIL ART likers, lovers and haters: illness in the family has caused a shift in our next MAIL ART show and EXHIBIT at the LANTERNA PATIO GALLERY from this SUNDAY to next SUNDAY the 20thSept - all welcome to come to the LANTERNA gallery SUNDAY from 3-6p.m. and feast on the beautiful MAIL ART show and info session - ALL WELCOME to this new, total planet involvement of the world's great MAIL ART ARTISTS and ur opportunity to BECOME ONE with them!! COME ON DOWN!! 19 Hurdman Road in Sunny Sandy Hill, Ottawa, Canada

Monday, September 7, 2009

GOOP goes on the LanternaGallery

ALL WELCOME TO CHECK OUT GOOP'S MAIL ART on the LanternaGALLERY back room patio - dates to be announced soon probably next weekend - just got a new batch of mail art from around the world into GOOP Gallery so want to show it off - really nice stuff, amazing free art connections for all to participate in this world community event... join the MAIL ARt world