Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New Show at the MOOP

The main gallery of the Museum of Ornamental Post is proud to host the Toronto leg of the Goddess Mail Art show. New works by Chantal Laurin ( curator and fellow SMALL member who runs the CAR, Canada ), Helene Lagache (France), Ivana Rezek (Croatia), Servane Morel(Belgium), Genevieve Chausse (Canada) and Alietee Couette (France).

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Not a member ...

... but definitely one of our kindred spirits ... I have heard from many a poet and self publisher that this Ottawa poet has an amazing library.

.... reprinted with permission of the author.

Sorry for the mass email all, Ottawa poet and small press collector John Curry is in a bit of trouble and making an interesting offer. also check out his 1 cent series.


Help Save Room 302 Books

john curry, certainly a world class poet living in our community, is
presently facing almost certain eviction.

Stephen Brockwell alerted me of this precarious situation, by phone, and
asked if I would get the word out, most recently at the TREE Reading
Series on September 22, where we were able to scare up enough to cover one
of his 5 months owed rent & save his telephone service.

curry's been in constant production of his own and hundreds of others work
since 1979. hes mainly ineligible for grants. His bookstore is mainly an
unused resource. His archive documenting the growth of avant-garde writing
in Canada is one of the key collections in the country. Nicky Drumbolis
has said: curry and his work are the best-kept secret in Canada.

Since time is of the essence, if curry's to avoid eviction, there are a few
ways you can help:

Start to use his goddamn store!

Room 302 Books is the only bookstore in Canada ever to focus
specifically on the avant-garde and overlooked outsiders, specializing in
concrete/visual/sound poetries (mainly Canadian) with a stock of over
20,000 mainly rare titles, including elusive ephemera, and probably the
only source of most of jwcurry's various imprints and titles (which number
in the thousands). curry's current lists finally focus on his own work as
artist & publisher, virtually the first time everything thats (still)
available has been made commonly available. You can purchase bookstore
IOUs (or set up an account) today in any amount for those who'd like to do

Subscribe to Curvd H&z, curry's serial imprint. donor subscriptions
(please indicate) of $100 or more get « the stash in a sampling of available
titles from various of his imprints immediately, the remaining « put on
account for forthcoming titles.

Donate outright.

I would like to encourage you to donate something so as to keep this
excellent bookstore, publisher, archive and artist alive, and at the same
time help prevent curry's eviction from his apartment. For those who'd like
to purchase bookstore IOUs, Id ask you to write (#302-880 Somerset Street
West, Ottawa Canada K1R 6R7) or call him at (613) 233 0417. Please
contribute as you can.

Roland Prevost (with collusions with curry)

Friday, September 11, 2009

MAIL ART exhibit at LANTERNA PATIO shifted to 20thSept

Howdy MAIL ART likers, lovers and haters: illness in the family has caused a shift in our next MAIL ART show and EXHIBIT at the LANTERNA PATIO GALLERY from this SUNDAY to next SUNDAY the 20thSept - all welcome to come to the LANTERNA gallery SUNDAY from 3-6p.m. and feast on the beautiful MAIL ART show and info session - ALL WELCOME to this new, total planet involvement of the world's great MAIL ART ARTISTS and ur opportunity to BECOME ONE with them!! COME ON DOWN!! 19 Hurdman Road in Sunny Sandy Hill, Ottawa, Canada

Monday, September 7, 2009

GOOP goes on the LanternaGallery

ALL WELCOME TO CHECK OUT GOOP'S MAIL ART on the LanternaGALLERY back room patio - dates to be announced soon probably next weekend - just got a new batch of mail art from around the world into GOOP Gallery so want to show it off - really nice stuff, amazing free art connections for all to participate in this world community event... join the MAIL ARt world

Sunday, August 2, 2009


GOOP Gallery is showing it's latest installment at Timothy's Cafe/Gallery, 234 Laurier St. East in Ottawa. Come on down and see your favorite Mail-Artists! Show runs until the end of August.
Tell your friends. The Prime Minister said he's drop by.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


It is Mailart's spirit to correspond through the mail and until recently via internet so very few artists get the opportunity to meet each other "live".

I have had the chance to meet RF CÔTÉ, STEVEN RENALD and DEWI in the past year. It is always a thrill to meet the person behind the Mail Art. Next week I will be meeting PETER DOWKER in his Flip Flop shop. This promises to be very interesting !

Also planned for this summer, a meeting with LORRAINE KWAN and HÉLÈNE LACELLE at her Gallery of Ornamental Post (GOOP) in Ottawa, Ontario.

Chantal Laurin

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Our first SMALL Collaboration ...

CAR and MOOP are happy to announce their first joint show at the MOOP ...

Destination: Toronto. Le 7 mai sera le premier départ du CAR vers la galerie MOOP. L'exposition de photographies de JEAN LUC CAVELLEC y sera présentée tout le mois de mai pour le festival Contact.

Destination: Toronto. May 7th will be CAR's first trip and it will be heading to the MOOP Gallery. JEAN LUC CAVELLEC's photography exhibit will be shown throughout the month of May to honour Toronto's photography festival Contact.

Monday, May 4, 2009

A Day at the SPA

Wonderful artwork from around the world is pouring into GOOP. Merci a tout le monde!
This wonderful card is by Roxanne Clark.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Did you know ...

Many of our members offer catalogs of their collections ...

The Museum of Bad Art has published 2 books based on their collection including their latest Masterworks ...

The Museum of Temporary Art has a big collection of catalogs of small things

and the Main Street Museum which uses wiki technology to show their exhibits online ..

The Main Street Museum ...

From the Museum website located in White River Junction, VT

The Museum forges links and reflects meanings from object to object, from object to viewer, and from the viewer back to the object again.

Assigning values to artifacts is increasingly difficult in the environment of most major collecting institutions. The neutrality of theoretical systems utilized by any museum is currently being called into question. As a small independent repository the Main Street Museum has the flexibility—indeed the mandate—to examine the layered and ever changing meanings of objects and their relationships to their surroundings. As the uses for objects are more or less continuously in flux, we analyze these uses through traditional disciplines (art historical, scientific and qualitative methods), but also through psychological analysis as well. Our emotional relationship with objects is formed abstrusely. Therefore the meaning of objects is unlocked only through similar cryptic means.

We accession items based on the sustained interest that has been shown them and the attentiveness they demonstrate towards us. Perhaps the only true meaning in objects lies in the questions we ask them and in the questions each one of them asks of us.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

CAR is flying to MOOP

On May 7th, CAR is taking JEAN LUC CAVELLEC's photo exhibit of the Brittany coast of France to MOOP in Toronto.

This will be the first collaboration, and hopefully not the last, of the two SMALL members.

The exhibit will be held for the month of May.

It would be nice if others would join and create an exhibition circuit.

Monday, March 30, 2009


Hello SMALL members...i'd like to give some news from CAR. As we all know this association gathers together small, independant creative ventures that are not fixed in time or space.

Here is a good example of how CAR moves...when i started this thing i wanted CAR to move and go places and it's exactly what is happening ! First year i went from Town Hall to basement of a hidden B&B to basement of an multicutural art association...then 2nd year i went in the basement of the Beach House...then 3rd year i was granted a wonderful classroom from a 1950's school but...last week was told to move my jewelry exhibit somewhere else because they are undergoing, mind you, Rawdon is not the type of town that overflows with CAR Parking Spaces but I did find one...on the terrasse of the restaurant LA on the main street...they have a huge terrasse that can be covered in case the weather doesn't co-operate and a heating system...and loads of CAR will park its last exhibit of the 2008-2009 season outside and in front of everyone.

The ride continues !

Sunday, March 29, 2009

New artwork from ...

... Matthew Murray, who is the focus of an all Canadian Mail art Show at the Museum of Ornamental Post right now
All our shows are organic, ever growing, changing, moving... so come by for a visit.


...From March 27 to May 2nd, JEAN LUC CAVELLEC will be exhibiting his photos at the CAFÉ DES ARTISTES in Rawdon, Quebec, Canada. The exhibit will be display over 50 photos of the Atlantic Coast in the Brittany (Bretagne) region of France.

Mailart summer 09's the english version !!!

Chantal Laurin (RAWDON ARTISTS CENTER) is organizing a 2nd Mail Art Call.

It will be held during the Rawdon Intercultural Festival on August 14-15-16 and the theme will be, of course, "The Festival."

What does Festival mean to you ?

Painting, drawing, collage, visual poetry, 2D or 3D
No jury/no sales/no returns

Documentation on

All Festival entries must be sent to:

CAR ( Chantal Laurin )
5114 Dolores
Rawdon (Quebec)
J0K 1S0

thank you Dewi for posting the french one !!!



Le Centre d'Artistes de Rawdon organise une exposition d'art postal en août 2009.

L'exposition sera présentée lors du Festival Interculturel de Rawdon les 14-15-16 août et le thème est LE FESTIVAL.

Envoyez vos oeuvres du FESTIVAL à l'adresse suivante:

J0K 1S0

Format carte postale, grandeur à votre choix.
Tout médiums accepté.
Aucun retour, pas de prix, pas de jury.
Date limite: 1er août 2009.
Documentation: un blog sera accessible à tous.
Remerciements à ceux qui laissent leurs coordonnés, postaux ou email.

The Shopping Trolley Gallery

Although not a member of SMALL (yet ;-) the Shopping Trolley Gallery had it's last hurrah recently by finishing up at the Tate Museum of London and offering up a little inspiration to us as well. No word yet if there will be a New Shopping Trolley Gallery. This card has been sent out to the participants of the last show and is juicy enough to share. More can be seen at

( I just heard from Martha that the Gallery is not finished ... only resting as all of the great mail artists do )

Friday, March 20, 2009

small logo thoughts

Before posting anything MoTA-related (which I should, I know...) I think about the future logo for this great small association.

The image is just a first sketch and may inspire others to do it properly.

Also, I like the following from of writing: sma:l&l

Comments welcome.

And there will be 4 new entries to the Museum of Temporary Art hopefully after this weekend.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Membership in S.M.A.L.L.

We would like to announce and proudly promote our ten founding members of the Small Museum Association: Little and Lively;

Feel free to visit them either virtually or in person and contribute to their ongoing projects.

If you are interested in joining our Association please contact one of our members or myself; Dewi for more information. Membership is free and all we ask is that you publish links to this site and members.

Call for mail art ...

Call for Art, Ongoing Show ... at the MOOP

Museum of Ornamental Post Salon / Mail Art Show

To fight the doledrums of the Canadian winter and bring artists together for a little winter cheer we are holding a salon/mail art show. Please include info for your work, if you are interested in receiving work back, your website and whatever else you would like to promote. We would like to expose people to as much art as possible.

And if you will be in the neighbourhood, you are always welcome to drop by.

Museum of Ornamental Post
Member of S.M.A.L.L.

Theme is open.

send work to:
Museum of Ornamental Post
457 Craven
Toronto, Ontario
M4L 2Z5

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Museum Profile ... The Museum of Bad Art

... to which yours truly (Dewi) is a contributor ... and their second book proudly sits in the MOOP's library.

The Museum of Bad Art was founded in 1994 in my brother's basement. Our mission is to collect, preserve, exhibit, and celebrate the worst of art. now have two galleries, in the basement of vintage movie theaters. Our collection is about 500 pieces, but we have enough exhibit space for only 50-60 pieces at a time. We always include our interpretative narrative when we exhibit a piece. We published a second book this year, "Museum of Bad Art: Masterworks." There is no paid staff. The Curator-in-Chief and I keep things running, with help from a constantly changing cast of volunteers. We never dreamed that MOBA would stilll be going strong 15 years later.
Louise Reilly SaccoPermanent Acting Interim Executive DirectorMuseum of Bad Art

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Museum Profile: The Museum of Temporary Art

The Museum
The museum itself is located in my home. It is about 40x50 cm big and has 33 compartments.
This website is a representation of what is currently in the museum, i.e. the compartments.

The Idea
Most of the objects in the museum are linked to a memory or anecdote which increases their
actual value far beyond the materialistic one. The museum is a chance to give such seemingly
meaningless objects the platform they deserve. They are Temporary Art.

The Contributors
Anyone, who is able to see beyond the surface and is willing to part with such an invaluable
item and its story. For details see

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Photos from The Montrose Portrait Gallery of Canada's Cold Comfort Show

Great show Sarah!

GOOP send us your MAIL!

Goop Gallery (gallery of ornamental post) just opened in the ancient Tuscan spa above our mini-ballroom. Calling all artists who wish to have their MAIL ART displayed. Your postcard or maybe your sweet watercolor will hang alongside tiled floors + mosaicked walls once populated by Roman philosophers + crackpots. Our collection includes work by Michel Della Vedova, Dewi, Jelene Morris, Happy -go- Lucky and David Berube. Send your mail here: GOOP GALLERY, 19 Hurdman rd, Ottawa Ontario, Canada, K1N 8N7

Saturday, March 7, 2009

CAR is going on a musical ride...

PAUL RAMSAY (OPEN FLUXUS) contacted CAR not too long ago about a musical project that he is doing. I made him listen to a few reggae beats that my late-husband created and he included some excerpts into his project. It is a work-in-progress. Paul is still collecting sounds for his project. For more information clik:

CAR and WRB musique.

Show Opening ... The Montrose Portrait Gallery of Canada

February 18, 2009

For Immediate Release:

Cold Comfort: Winter Portraits at The Montrose Portrait Gallery

The Montrose Portrait Gallery of Canada presents a show of hot art in a cold space at our not-at-all winterized gallerage, opening Saturday, March 6, at 4 p.m. (Blizzard date, March 13)

Twenty-odd artists, including Rob Elliot, Noah Kalina, Danielle Meder, Jennifer Wigmore and Mendleson Joe, are featured in this frigid blast of warm visage. Chill alongside fellow patrons at our opening or book an appointment (no cold calling; we need time to get the space heater going!) by emailing Appointments accepted until April 30th.

The Montrose Portrait Gallery of Canada was established in jovial protest in 2007. Frustrated with the government’s continued inaction on the state of our National Portrait Gallery, The MPOG continues to offer a cheap and cheeky alternative.

Submissions always welcome: Bring your portrait, or contact us for mailing instructions.

For more information, please:


And visit our website at

Tuesday, March 3, 2009




JEAN LUC'S photos were 1st shown during CAR's 3rd photography show on February 21 and 22. We worked together through email and snailmail.He send me 55 photographs and i took care of the framing and the presentation. All in all, this show didn't cost much and we proved that it is possible to present something of good quality with not much money. Next, Jean Luc will exhibit in a local coffee show here in Rawdon for the whole month of April then move on to Toronto by Dewi's MOOP for a few weeks in May ...after that, we shall see...

I'm in the process of planning my 2009-2010 season season.It is starting with a Mail Art call on AUgust 14-15-16 on the theme of Festival. It will be held during Rawdon's Intercultural Festival. Then, September 6 and 7 will be the 5th edition of the Painting exhibit...this is a good one...a small show but the artists sell so that makes me happy, of course.This show is open to everyone who will assume their postal this regard, SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL !

Give thanks !

Chantal Laurin

Monday, March 2, 2009

Paper Planes & Birds

Find more videos like this on OPEN Fluxus

Paper Planes & Birds.
An annexe to the Wheelie Bin Gallery is the artexed ceiling of my workroom which needs covering with paper birds, planes and all manner of flying things.
Find details of how to participate by going to the appropriate blog HERE.